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The Festivals Program provides an adjudication platform through which students perform and receive valuable evaluation. The non-competitive environment enables judges to focus on the strengths of each individual performer, and tailor their scores and comments more precisely. Participation in these festivals encourages students to reach the highest standard of musical achievement, while increasing their interest in music literature. The NFMC Gold Cup Program works in conjunction with the festivals to provide additional incentive for the students.



$20.00 per event

These festival fees pay for the student's national, state, and local membership dues, the judging fees, the gold cup fees, venue costs, etc. 



Spring Festival Events include: Solo, Concerto, and Theory


Fall Festival Events include: Folk and Patriotic, Hymn, Duet, and Concerto


TVFMC is a nonprofit organization. Because of this, we rely on our wonderful volunteers every year to make festival possible. Volunteer jobs are simple and usually only take a few hours. These positions are a great opportunity for high school students to accumulate community service hours! Volunteers can be anyone, friends, family members, and even students performing in festival.

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