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Collegiate Scholarship Competition

Competitor Requirements

  • Student must be under 20 years old

  • Student must be in their final year of high school and entering their first year of college

  • Student must be pursuing a music-related degree (including but not limited to: bachelor of music, music performance, education, composition, theory, bachelor of arts in music, musicology, history, business, pedagogy, therapy, etc.) Can be a music major or minor, award amount will differ (see Adjudication and Results below).

  • Student must have a high school GPA of at least 2.0

  • Student must be a member of the TVFMC Jr. Membership, and have participated in festival. Student's teacher must be a registered, paying, member of TVFMC.



Repertoire Requirements

  • Students are encouraged to play four selections, three selections are required.

  • Memorization is required.

    • 4 Selections: Must have one selection from each time period - Baroque, Classical*, Romantic, and 20th/21st century.



    • 3 Selections: Must have one selection from Baroque, one selection from Classical*, and one selection from either Romantic or 20th/21st century.

      *Classical selection must be either sonata-allegro movement of a sonata or an entire sonata. No dance movements or smaller scale works will be accepted


Registration and Audition Requirements

  • Registration fee is $20 per student

  • Registration form and fees, essay, and resume due date: [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

    • Download registration form here

  • Audition date: Saturday, March 30th at Welch Music, recital hall

  • Students are required to perform their selections in front of the judging panel.


Additional Requirements

  • Students are required to submit an essay of 1-2 pages. The essay should touch on at least three of these topics:

    • What music means to them

    • Their background in music

    • What inspired them to pursue music

    • Why they chose piano as their main instrument

    • Their goals in music

    • Why they have chosen to pursue a music degree

    • How this scholarship will impact them

  • Students are required to submit a music resume detailing the following:

    • Private study (principal and secondary instruments, teachers names, dates of study, highlight repertoire studied and performed)

    • Large ensemble experience

    • Chamber music experience

    • Any other relevant information


Adjudication and Results

  • One student will be chosen to receive a prize of up to $1,000 for music majors, and up to $500 for music minors. This prize will go directly to tuition at the college of the student's choice (not to the student personally).

  • The judging panel will consist of:

    • A respected, experienced professor or doctor of music from outside the club (acting as the judge)

    • Scholarship and Budget Committee member(s) (acting as judge's advisors and counsel)

  • All judge's decisions are final


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