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An affiliate of the National Federation of Music Clubs, TVFMC was founded in Boise, ID, in 2013. With only a handful of members at the first meeting, our club size more than tripled in only three years. TVFMC holds biannual meetings for members, and facilitates biannual festivals for students.


These Fall and Spring Festivals are non-competitive opportunities for students to perform, receive evaluation, and be recognized for their accomplishments each year.


TVFMC also offers scholarships for students! These scholarships provide financial assistance to further the students' musical education.


The mission of the National Federation of Music Clubs is: "To promote American music and musicians, and to aid and encourage music education and appreciation of the arts." 


The NFMC is one of the only three music organizations to be charted by the United States Congress, and it is the largest philanthropic musical organization in the world.



About Us 


President: Julie Isla Williams
Vice President: Karla Briggs
Secretary: Kandace Riggs
Treasurer: Karen Montgomery
Festival Cup Chairman: Nicholas Leigh
Festival Admin: Nicholas Leigh & Cynthia Waldon

Parliamentarian: Marnice Schow
Membership: Rachelle Cahoon
IFMC Board, Local Rep: Kris Foster
Historian: Julie Gunvalson
Website: Nicholas Leigh


Scholarship Committee

Nicholas Leigh, chairman
Juli Draney, Kris Foster, Karen Montgomery, Julie Isla, Cynthia Waldon

Festival Committee

Festival Chairman: Cynthia Waldon

Fall Scheduler: Cynthia Waldon
Spring Scheduler: Karla Briggs

Finance Committee

Karen Montgomery, treasurer
Jill Call, Cynthia Waldon, Karla Briggs
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